Extruder screw locking reasons and solutions

Extruders are now widely used and there may be a sudden jamming of the extruder screw during the extrusion process. At this point, the operator should stop immediately if the extruder protector fails to function In more cases, the screw can still rotate, but the speed is slow down, and at the same time, the [...]

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Screw extruder design principles

Now the screw extruder has been widely used, the extruder is composed of screw, barrel, gearbox, motor, control box, inverter, hopper and other major components, then the screw is designed by what principle, the following is We explain the design principles: As one of the main equipment for polymer processing, the screw extruder is getting [...]

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Eight points for the use and maintenance of plastic crushers

GangSu machinery specializing in the production of plastic crusher, often give customers some advice and methods to maintain plastic crusher, of course, the quality of the equipment itself is very important, but the equipment routine maintenance and care that is also essential, then now Nagin Machinery It also gives you some tips on the use [...]

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Plastic extruder four major trends

After more than 100 years of development, the plastic extruder has been derived from the original single-screw twin-screw, multi-screw, and even non-screw and other models. Plastic extruder development trend 1, extruder toward large-scale, high-speed, high efficiency direction Foreign screw diameter of 200-250mm extruder has been very common, screw diameter greater than 400mm special extruder is [...]

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The Difference Between HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe And PVC-U Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is a new type of pipe, which is made of polyethylene resin as the main raw material, by adding proper amount of additives, which can be used for outdoor drainage and municipal sewage. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, small drainage resistance, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, [...]

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PVC pipe extrusion process

PVC plastic is a multi-component plastic, according to different uses can be added to different additives, due to different components, PVC products show different physical and mechanical properties, for different occasions. While the PVC plastic pipe in the plastic pipe accounted for a larger proportion. PVC pipe is hard and soft two, RPVC pipe is [...]

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Why does the extruder appear plastic?

In the production process, the extruder sometimes plasticized bad, what is the reason? One, scorch 1, the phenomenon of scorch (1) the temperature reflects the ultra-high, or control the temperature of the instrument failure, resulting in ultra-high temperature plastic and scorch. (2) the nose of the mouth of a large mouth smoke, a strong stimulating [...]

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Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic pipe as an important part of chemical building materials, with its superior performance, health, environmental protection, low consumption for the majority of users widely accepted, mainly UPVC drainage, UPVC water pipes, aluminum composite pipe, polyethylene (PE) Water supply pipe. Pipe production line by the control system, extruder, head, stereotypes cooling system, traction machine, planetary [...]

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Plastic conical double extruder barrel screw maintenance and maintenance

1. Maintenance of the screw (1) does not allow free empty start screw rotation. Before driving the empty test test run to adapt to low-speed start, turn the shorter the better (not more than 2min ~ 3min), such as check all normal, should immediately stop. (2) before the heating temperature, constant temperature must ensure that [...]

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What can environmental inspectors bring to the plastics industry?

Recently, affected by the environmental storm, many plastics industry may be in the busy season is not the embarrassing situation. Shut down, banned, price increases, out of stock ... there are manufacturers that: do not open the day please do not ask the price, directly asked if there is no goods. Maybe you will feel [...]

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