“Clean and Recycled PET” report suggests: PET recovery can be substantially increased

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RECOMMENDATIONS from Closed Loop Partners’s Clean Up Recycled PET study suggest that there is a range of interventions in the current system, including capital investment in new technologies in material recycling facilities, improved packaging design for recyclables, and “the establishment of a More reliable agreement “and a series of initiatives, [...]

Imported renewable particles enterprises should pay attention to these problems!

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Import banned wastes, the domestic stringent environmental protection, followed by price hikes, shortage of tide. However, the policy of plastic recycling particles, there is no clear instructions, which has become the goal of many businessmen. 1, imports of renewable particles according to the general supervision of raw materials In the [...]

Four major advantages indicate a bright future for recycled plastics industry

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In recent years, the state has been actively promoting environmental protection, seizing control on sewage disposal and refuse disposal, and the plastic industry is the focus of environmental protection. Focus on the object. Coupled with the country’s strict control over the import of “foreign rubbish”, it shows that the country [...]

How many technologies come out, are advertised to “thoroughly” solve the “white pollution”!

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Since the "white pollution" on the "blacklist" of environmental protection, researchers, plastic companies, environmentalists are studying the "white pollution" solution. Subsequently, an item of scientific research came one after another. Most are building "biodegradable plastic", there are many are advertised "can completely solve the white pollution" results. White pollution, refers [...]

Build a green production chain

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At present, China's plastics industry is in a stage of rapid development and occupies an important position in the international level of plastics production and consumption. At the same time, the promotion of China's environmental protection policies has brought significant impact to the development of the plastics industry. With the [...]