Precision Pipe Extrusion Line
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“SXG” series precision pipe extrusion line is a new equipment that launched by GangSu Machinery and specially used for producing various types of precision small diameter pipe , eg automotive piping systems, medical pipe, pneumatic pipe, multi-layer nylon PA fuel pipe, multi-layer composite pipe, High-pressure liquid pipe, precision communication cable, packaging beverage or cleaning containers straw.

Introduction of (GangSu) SXG series pipe extrusion equipment:
After continuous development and promotion, at present our company has officially launched a new product “SGX” system precision pipe extrusion line, which is dedicated to a variety of precision small diameter pipes. Its stable performance and mature technology have won wide affirmation of the industry’s high-end customers. This line has adopted a unique “accurate control of weak vacuum” and “high pressure volumetric extrusion” technology. It has improved the shortage of traditional progress which cannot balance the extrusion speed and precision control, especially when it is applied in PA / PU / POM and fluorine plastic pipe. This new product can meet the high precision extrusion control of the pipe while achieving the desired production efficiency. It can greatly improve the customer’s value-in-use value of machines and brings significant cost saving effect.
“SXG” series of precision pipe extrusion line is good cost-effective equipment and can replace the import of similar models. It has following advantages: high efficiency and low energy consumption, stable product quality (CPK value ≥ 1.6), high degree of automatic control system, convenient control setting. It can meet different hardness raw materials and products processing needs.
“SXG-T” high-precision small-diameter pipe extrusion line equips higher level of driver and accessories, which greatly improve the control precision of pipe based on strong function of “SXG” series extrusion line.

  • Extrusion Line Components
  • Raw material loading:
    Equipped with excellent performance of the material loading and drying equipment; from the source of raw materials to ensure the initial precision extrusion, can adopt the highest accuracy of the weight loss measurement loading system which can make the loader volume accurate to grams.
  • Melt pump system:
    Selecting imported high-performance US brand “Xaloy” metering pump, and equipped with “GEFRAN” pressure sensor and control table to achieve the extrusion pressure and screw speed feedback control to automatically adjust with extrusion fluctuation and provide molten material minimal fluctuation stably extruding
    (Note: metering pump can not be used for PVC and other heat-sensitive materials).
  • Online diameter-measuring system:
    Adopting well-known brand BETA or UK PROTON laser-scanning measuring system, it can achieve online monitoring product elliptical degree, wall thickness, diameter and test interval within the location. Measurement accuracy can reach ± ​​0.001MM.

Technical Parameter of production line:

Production Status for reference:

Length precision standard:

Extruded part:
In the premise of ensuring good plasticization, BDSJ series of extruder screw adopted advanced optimization design to meet the stability of high-speed output;
The extruder uses Switzerland “ABB” high efficiency inverter motor or Japan “YASKAWA” servo motor + high performance reducer direct drive, with speed measure feedback, which can provide extremely stable screw rotation output;
The electronic control system is made up of high-end brand electrical components, which can guarantee stable temperature control. Perfect protection alarm function (such as melt pressure overload protection, ultra-low temperature alarm, motor overload protection, temperature control disconnection alarm, etc.) ensures extrusion control Aspects more intelligent and humanization;
High standard nominal input transmission mechanism allows the gearbox to run more stable and have a longer service life.
Precision pipe mould:
Core rod and die are made of S136 steel to ensure the mould surface smoothness and corrosion resistance of the mould; mould structure uses unique “high pressure volumetric” mould to meet the pipe material embryo high-speed stable extrusion.
Die adopts advanced CNC machine technology and electrochemical processing method, which can achieve ideal extrusion for pipe that diameter range ≤ 1.0mm.
Calibration and Cooling Part:
Adopting the new “weak vacuum forming” technology: vacuum and water system controlled separately. Then we can coordinate the multi-level water balance control system with vacuum system to ensure stable water level, vacuum stability, and water flow stability.

  • Multi-level water system design to maintain a stable water tank level;
  • Applying a more accurate method in measuring and controlling vacuum, which can reach 0.1KPa vacuum degree;
  • Through the precise automatic control valve and digital vacuum table to achieve vacuum on-line automatic precise adjustment;

Hauling part:
Hauling-off uses imported multi-layer high-quality wear-resistant material hauling belt, Switzerland ABB AC variable frequency controller, high flat precision wheel hauling drive, hauling speed stepless speed regulation.
High-speed hauling drive adopts up&down direct drive motor drive, the maximum speed can reach 300 m/min. Meanwhile it can ensure hauling-off stable running & long-term use at high-speed status, which greatly advanced the average level.
Cutting / Winding
Cutter equips with low inertia aluminum alloy rotating arm structure, combined with the locking device and alcohol cooling system for cutter knife to ensure smooth incision. Driven and controlled by Taiwan’s “TECO” servo system, that provide high-speed and high precision cutting;
Japan’s “Mitsubishi” PLC programming control, Siemens man-machine interface, can achieve “timing, continuous, length” three different cutting methods, and can arbitrarily set the cutting length freely.
Winding collecting method: using double-bit automatic online winding, cable device can automatically adjust the angle of the line, in particular the installation of tension adjustment device to avoid the plastic pipe in the winding deformation occurs;

The reasons to choose our “high speed precision pipe extrusion line”

  • Detailed pre-sale consultation: Our sales engineers will help you learn about the overall operation of the precision pipe extrusion line and the main features of the equipment, combined with the customer’s product size, requirements and production analysis; so that our equipment can maximum meet customer needs and improve customer return on investment.
  • Mature advanced technology: We own nearly 15 years of experience in the production of extrusion lines. We do research on a variety of advanced extruder technology, mold technology and increasingly sophisticated details and the entire line of optimal design. All these unique factors makes our equipment has a very prominent performance in the pipe forming speed and control Dimensional accuracy.
  • Professional design team: Our design team consists of several professional designers and mechanical engineers, with a wealth of manufacturing experience, cooperated with mature production technology, to create excellent quality equipment.
  • Reasonable product prices: We adhering to the use of high-quality materials to create high-quality product concept, and sold at a reasonable price; compared to similar products, customers can easily find that our equipment in the comprehensive price is much higher than similar Enterprise equipment.
  • Business Confidentiality Mechanism: We implement strict confidentiality system for all customers’ information and will never disclose or provide any third party without the permission of the customer to protect customer privacy.
  • Perfect after-sales service: We always maintain the “service beyond the ordinary, professional trustworthy” spirit of service. After receiving the customer’s maintenance message, our personnel will give clear answer and start maintenance work as soon as possible.